Covid-19 Positive case alerts on campus

Positive case alerts on UNSW campuses are published below. Please check back regularly for updates.

Locations will be removed after 7 days.

Location Building Date Time period Faculty Course
Office 205 Ainsworth (J17) 9pm-12am
G07 Goldstein Hall (D16) 2pm-3pm Engineering COMP2521
G09 Goldstein Hall (D16) All Day Science VISN2111
Ground Floor Goldstein Hall (D16) 1pm-2pm
Level 2 East Labs & Offices Wallace Wurth (C27) All Day
Level 11 Offices Main Library (F21) All Day
101 Law (F8) 3pm-4pm Engineering COMP1511
Penny Lane Bar & Cafe Morven Brown (C20) 1pm-3pm
307 Ainsworth (J17) 4pm-6pm Engineering COMP1511
Office 205 Ainsworth (J17) All Day
Keith Burrows Theatre (J14) 11am-1pm Science MATH1241
203 Squarehouse (E4) 11am-1pm Business COMM1180
3045 Rupert Myers (M15) 4pm-9pm
G012 The Red Centre (H13) 11.30am-1pm
Level 1 Study Spaces Mathews (F23) 4pm-5pm
G03 Goldstein Hall (D16) 9am-11am Science VISN2111
G03 Goldstein Hall (D16) 11am-12pm
G03 Goldstein Hall (D16) 2pm-4pm Science VISN2111
203 Law (F8) 9am-11am
203 Law (F8) 2pm-4pm
112 Old Main (K15) 1pm-2pm Science PHYS1121
G032 Quadrangle (E15) 11am-12pm Science MATH1241
G025 Quadrangle (E15) 1pm-2pm Engineering COMP1531
Keith Burrows Theatre (J14) 12pm-1pm Science MATH1241
G7 Building K17 (K17) 2pm-4pm Engineering COMP1531
3045 Rupert Myers (M15) 4pm-9pm
3045 Rupert Myers (M15) 12:30pm-2pm
167 University Terraces (B8) 6pm-10pm
1033 The Red Centre (H13) All Day
103 Mathews (F23) 2pm-4pm
230 Mathews (F23) 11am-2pm Science PSYC1001
104 Mathews (F23) 10am-11am ADA ARTS3639
919 Mathews (F23) 12.45pm-2pm
G04 Electrical Engineering (G17) 4pm-5pm Engineering COMP1521
205 UNSW Business School (E12) 4pm-6pm Business COMM1150
215 UNSW Business School (E12) 9am-10am Engineering COMP1511
Gym Fitness and Aquatic Centre (B5) 12pm-1pm
307 Ainsworth (J17) 10am-12pm Engineering COMP1511
Level 1 Hilmer Building (E10) 11am-2pm Science MATS3006
Bongo Lab (G07A) Building K17 (K17) 5pm-7pm Engineering COMP1521
Roundhouse (E6) 2pm-3pm
North Wing Level 3 Rupert Myers (M15) All Day
167 University Terraces (B8) 1pm-4pm
1111 Mathews (F23) All Day
232 Mathews (F23) 10am-1pm ADA ARTS3756
Level 1 study spaces UNSW Business School (E12) 11am-12.30pm
Ground floor study spaces Colombo House (B16) 1pm-4pm
G03 Goldstein Hall (D16) 3pm-4pm Engineering COMP2041
LG31 Office AGSM (G27) All Day
G11 Wallace Wurth (C27) 3pm-5pm Medicine & Health MFAC1523
405 Main Library (F21) 6pm-7pm
Level 4 Main Library (F21) 2.30pm-8pm
Level 3 Main Library (F21) 4pm-6pm
Theatre G04 Law (F8) 9am-11am Science MATH2400
G02 Ainsworth (J17) 1pm-2pm Science MATH2400
Room 323 Hilmer Building (E10) 1pm-2pm
Room 4063 Biological Sciences - South (E26) All Day
Level 5 Biological Sciences - South (E26) All Day
1047 Quadrangle (E15) 6pm-7pm Engineering COMP1521
Keith Burrows Theatre (J14) 11am-1pm Science MATH1241
BrassME305 Building K17 (K17) 4pm-6pm Engineering COMP2041
Bongo Lab (G07A) Building K17 (K17) 7pm-9pm Engineering COMP1521
G13 Blockhouse (G6) 11am-12pm Science CHEM1821
North Wing Level 3 Rupert Myers (M15) All Day
827 Mathews (F23) All Day
720 Mathews (F23) 3pm-3.30pm
Level 4 Climate Change Research Centre Mathews (F23) All Day
LG31 Office AGSM (G27) All Day
Law Library Level 1 Law (F8) 3pm-8pm
MCIC Entrepeneur Hub Lvl 1 Hilmer Building (E10) All Day
Level 5 Biological Sciences - South (E26) All Day
Level 4 Lowy Cancer Research Centre (C25) All Day
Level 3 ANFF Node Newton (J12) 1.30pm-2.30pm