Travel & Fieldwork

Domestic Travel


UNSW has updated its travel policy for students and staff travelling on official business. Domestic travel is now allowed but only if the proposed travel:

  • Complies with current Federal and State/Territory (for NSW residents) or ACT (for ACT residents) travel guidelines
  • Is funded from restricted funds or paid from an external source
  • Includes plans to comply with an appropriate COVIDSafe plan while in transit and at each destination
  • Has been approved by the relevant Head of School or Director. 



Fieldwork will require a specific plan to be developed and approved. Please consult your Teacher or Supervisor in the first instance.

Overseas travel


UNSW follows Australian Government advice on overseas travel. The most up-to-date information is on the website. You are expected to adhere to this advice.

Any loosening of restrictions on overseas travel is likely to include a need to self-isolate on both the outbound and return trips. It is not anticipated that UNSW will allow staff, researchers or students to travel overseas on official business, representation or research for the rest of 2021. 


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