Travel Advice

UNSW's domestic travel guidance for students and staff travelling on official UNSW business is as follows:

Domestic travel is allowed but only if the proposed travel:

  • Complies with current Federal and State/Territory (for NSW residents) or ACT (for ACT residents) travel guidelines
  • Is funded from restricted funds or paid from an external source
  • Includes plans to comply with an appropriate COVIDSafe plan while in transit and at each destination
  • Has been approved by the relevant Head of School or Director.

If you would normally use MyTravel @ UNSW for bookings, or SafeSys for fieldwork, this process still applies.

In exceptional circumstances, travel funded from unrestricted funds may be approved if it meets the guidelines above and is approved by a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

The border between NSW and Victoria has now closed indefinitely to help control the spread of COVID-19.

NSW Health has implemented a public health order placing restrictions on people who have been in Victoria in the previous 14 days.

If you have been in Victoria in the past 14 days, you must self-isolate at home or in other suitable accommodation.

NSW Health’s self-isolation guidance states you must not:

  • Leave your accommodation except for the following reasons: obtaining medical care, complying with a legal obligation, an emergency, providing essential services or leaving NSW.
  • Let other people into your residence unless they live there.

Further guidance on NSW Health self-isolation rules can be found here.

If you are returning from Victoria to UNSW Student Accommodation you must notify your accommodation provider immediately, prior to returning to campus. They will make the necessary arrangements for your self-isolation in your Student Accommodation.

If you develop symptoms at any stage please get tested immediately.

  • The Federal Government travel advice for Australians is at Level 4, 'do not travel overseas', regardless of the destination. 

  • If you're already overseas and wish to return to Australia, the Federal Government recommends you do so as soon as possible by commercial means.

  • The travel ban also prevents any non-residents or non-citizens from travelling to Australia. 

  • Australian citizens and residents and their immediate family members are allowed to return, but will be required to undertake mandatory quarantine for 14-days at designated facilities (e.g. a hotel).

  • Official UNSW international travel is also not permitted until further notice.

  • If you choose to travel internationally at this time you will not be supported by the University or covered by UNSW’s insurance policy.

  • If you incur costs for unapproved travel you will not be reimbursed by the University.

  • You can find the latest government advice on the Smart Traveller website. Regularly updated advice is also available on International SOS.