Safe Return to Campus - Staff

Return to campus will be phased and gradual, in-line with the three staged approach outlined here. In addition, each faculty, school or unit may also have a different approach and seek to bring staff back in smaller cohorts. You should consult with your Manager or Supervisor to understand how this affects you. We expect everyone to comply with these local approaches. Some of these may include:

  • Alternating days or weeks
  • Staggered start/finish times
  • Alternating teams
  • Continued periods of working remotely

It is important we work together as a community to continue to limit the spread of COVID-19, particularly as we have many high-risk groups on campus. This collective effort is only ensured if all students and staff fully comply with the policies, protocols and guidelines outlined in the Safe Return to Campus guide.

Visit the HR Hub for detailed resources and more information on how you can prepare yourself to return.

More FAQs are available here.

While we are planning for a return of some campus teaching at the beginning of Term 3, we recognise that some students will still be unable to return - which is why we will also maintain or prepare online alternatives for Term 3. We do expect the recommencement of many face-to-face tutorials and practicals, however all lectures will remain online. 

Further information on the resumption of face-to-face teaching and your return to campus will be provided in due course. In the meantime a broad outline of our Safe Return to Campus plans are here

Your return to campus will depend on your role. UNSW’s Senior Leadership Team has agreed the following timetable for the return of students and staff to our Sydney campuses:

May/June 2020

  • Return of campus-dependent research community
  • Return of campus-dependent staff 
  • Partial re-opening of library - essential visits only via booking system

July/August 2020

  • Return of student-facing staff and remaining researchers

September 2020 onwards

  • Full re-opening of library and campus amenities
  • Return of onshore students on-campus activity 
  • Return of all other staff


  • Return of offshore students
  • Recommencement of large events

You must adhere to the staged timeline. In addition, you must receive explicit approval from your Manager or Supervisor to be on campus. To obtain this approval your Manager or Supervisor must request permission via the ‘Safe Return to Campus’ compliance and approval process.

Staff already active on our Sydney campuses must also go through this process, led by their Manager or Supervisor, to re-confirm their approval to be on campus. No additional team members may return to campus until explicit approval is granted.

Yes. All staff planning to return to campus, and those already working on campus, must read the Safe Return to Campus guide and complete the Safe Return to Campus training module.

Yes. Staff are not permitted to return to campus, or able to continue working on campus, without explicit approval via the ‘Safe Return to Campus’ approval process. 

We are being deliberately cautious and taking a phased approach to the return of campus activity. This will allow us to prepare our campuses and update and test our policies and practices so that we ensure a safe return for everyone.

This is why only students and staff with explicit permission are allowed on campus. Your co-operation and support are crucial for a successful and safe return to campus activity.