Compliance, Security and Local Recovery Team

Compliance with COVID-19 rules on campus


Compliance with health and physical distancing measures is everyone’s responsibility.

Students and staff should read the Safe Return to Campus pages and guide on this website and when on campus, comply with the guidance. 

You should also read carefully any updates to our guidance that come to you via our regular COVID-19 email updates. 

Concerns over lack of compliance on campus

We are confident that students and staff across UNSW will support the measures in place to look after your health and the health of our community. If you have any concerns about lack of compliance by others:

Security on Campus


Security (at UNSW Canberra this will be the Essential Services Support Team - ESST) will monitor whether students and staff across campuses are following the physical distancing and health guidelines. They will have authority to record and report anyone who fails to respond to instructions and guidance provided and refer matters to senior leaders and/or relevant disciplinary units.

If we need to lock down areas

In the event of a positive COVID-19 case being notified, we will assist the NSW Public Health unit in notifying possible contacts. This may also involve asking students and staff to self-quarantine and leave a work or study area to allow for proper cleaning etc.

Local Recovery Teams


We appreciate that we are asking you to take a range of measures to help us prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect the UNSW community. We have assembled Local Recovery Teams across campus to support staff and to ensure that our planned actions are implemented effectively.

These teams are responsible for implementing the guidelines set by UNSW’s Management Board and Senior Leadership Team. They are also responsible for escalating issues that cannot be resolved locally.

Faculty Health and Safety Business Partners are available to provide advice to Local Recovery Teams.